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Win my book - Ring A Dance A Second Chance by Jonell Kirby Cash for free!

Win A Ring A Dance A Second Chance by Jonell Kirby Cash for free!

Readers are saying..........
“A Real Love Story” I read A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance, and found it to be quite an enjoyable book. The characters are well developed, and readers can imagine themselves in a situation like Katie and Taylor's. After decades apart, each had spouses and children, then Katie and Taylor fell in love again. As they re-kindled their romance, they were faced with many life-altering decisions, knowing that the choices they made would affect the lives of their children and their extended families. I felt the emotions of the characters as they worked their way through those very difficult choices. “I recommend this book to readers of all ages.”
“The author is very creative and reaches back into her high school days in bringing out the characters in her story. From Spousal’s death to a new beginning in marrying her high school boyfriend, solving family disgruntles, kids interactions and grandkids, is able to show the marriage brought happiness in the later years. A book you don’t want to put down.”
“A second chance at first love? Why not? Cash has created an incredibly sweet novel about two widowers who get to rekindle their passion which began decades ago. Lovers of all ages will not be disappointed in this southern gem stuffed with unforgettable characters which promises room for a sequel. A delightful page-turner!”
“The author said it was based on her own true story. I admire her for writing her first book when she is an older person. But, in doing this, she fulfilled a dream she had.”
“I truly enjoyed this story of first love that did not last, but was rekindled late in life after both people lost their spouses due to death.”
“A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance was a great read. You read the description and expect a very sweet and simple love story but the book is so much more. It weaves a tale of many lives that cross paths and trials and tribulations that are so familiar. You will relate to one if not many of the characters.”
I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It was a cute love story and very interesting to see how grandparents can remarry and make two families mesh.”
“Was a wonderful read!! The descriptions of the emotional aspect of losing a spouse is dead on, and love lost and found again was so sweet. The book gives hope that there can be love and life after 60. “

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jonell Kirby Cash Live Interview - 99.1FM Fox Talk Radio - Reno, NV

Listen to interview with Jonell Kirby Cash live on 99.1FM Fox Talk Radio - Reno, NV
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Jonell Kirby Cash - Interview with Tina's Book Reviews

Interview by: TinasbookReviews

* Is “A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance” based on your own life?
Certainly the story line was based on an a real incident and my target audience was based on self observations, the changing expectations we have for our lives and our extended life span; however, the story is a melding of ideas, beliefs, experiences--observed and lived. Thus it is fiction.
* Who is your favorite Character?
Katie was my favorite character because I identify with her: I saw her change from a woman who never quite stepped out of the shadow of her husband, nor did she totally let go of the cultural expectations that helped define her.  Taylor’s call brought excitement and energy into Katie’s life, and also a fear that letting him into her life again could be disruptive. 
Katie made the decision to see Taylor, because she wanted to; however, she also continued to express her independence by letting Taylor know what she wanted and she redefine what it meant to be a wife.  This was a learning experience for Katie: she realized that whatever she did meant change. In the story, when Katie embraced change she gained a sense of comfort and competency and was able to assert her preferences, raise issues, and take equal responsibility for the decision she and Taylor made as a couple.

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Introduction of a Novel: A Ring A Dance A Second Chance

A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance - Author Jonell Kirby Cash (Tate 2011)

Grown Up Love Story....

Jonell Kirby Cash's love story picks up Katie and Taylor's romance right where it left off, their senior year of high school. However, Katie isn't the same girl Taylor remembers. As a widow, she values her independence, living alone, and making new friends, and when Taylor calls Katie she is on the threshold of exploring herself in the larger world. Taylor, ever the old-fashioned man, is surprised by the new, vibrant Katie. The two must learn how to rid themselves of their old memories and expectations and learn to accept the fifty years of change that has taken place.(http://www.jonellkirbycash.com/ )